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There is a technique for searching for videos on our Online Catalog (also known as PILOT). Once you are logged in to PILOT, click on the "Search Limits" button on the bottom right. This takes you to a page where you can set all kinds of limits for your search. Use the "Medium" section and scroll down to select "Videorecording". That will find both VHS and DVD items. Once you've made the selection, click on the "Set Search Limits" button. This will return you to the search page with a note "Search Limits Are In Effect" showing. Now, all the keyword searches you do will be limited to videorecordings. To assure that you are doing a keyword search, use the "Guided Search" tab. If you don't find enough material in the PILOT catalog, you can also use the WorldCAT database to identify other materials. You can find WorldCAT from the Library Home Page by rolling your mouse over the "Articles and More" section and selecting the "All Databases" option. Then select WorldCAT from the alphabetic list list. If you use the "Advanced Search" you can also set limits. For videorecordings, you would check off the "Visual Materials" option.

Comments (2)

  1. I'd like to be able to use the answer above to do my own search, but I don't know what PILOT is. How do I log onto PILOT? It's not listed on this hard-to-navigate library website.
    by Anastasia Hudgins on Jan 23, 2012.
  2. PILOT is the "official" name for our online catalog. I have edited the answer to clarify that; sorry for any confusion!
    by Chris Clouser on Jan 23, 2012.

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