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All videos owned by IUP (either in VHS or DVD format) are included in the PILOT online catalog. To find PILOT, go to the Library Home Page (, and select the "Online Catalog" option. This will then open the PILOT catalog. If you are looking for a specific title, you can just enter it in the "Search For" box and use the default "Title" search type. Then click the "Search" button to get results. If you don't have a particular title, you can search the catalog by keyword and have the system focus your search to just videos. To do this, click the "Search Limits" button on the bottom right of the screen. This takes you to a page where you can set all kinds of parameters for your search. In the "Medium" section, scroll down and select "Videorecording". Then click the "Set Search Limits" button. You will be returned to the main search screen and there will be a new note displayed that "Search Limits are now in effect." Now, every keyword search you do will be limited to just videorecordings. Since not all of the search options on the "Author/Title/Subject" tab are keyword searches, it's often better to use the "Guided Search" tab. All of the searches on this screen are keyword searches and will limit to videorecordings. Enter your keywords in the "Search For" box. If you enter more than one word in the box, you will have some choices. You can select "as a phrase" (exact word pattern -- these words, next to each other, in this order), "any of these" (implied boolean OR between the words -- this word OR this word, any one can match), or "all of these" (implied boolean AND between the words -- this word AND this word together in the record, although not necessarily together or in a particular order). You also have options to restrict your keyword to particular parts of the record by selecting items from the "Search in" menu. When finished, click the "Search" button at the bottom, and you will get results. All of our videos are housed at the Media Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of Stapleton Library and must be requested with the appropriate VCV or DVD call number.

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