Answered By: Chris Clouser
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IUP actually has many books in Spanish. On the 3rd floor of Stapleton Library, the section from PC4000 to PC5000 in the LC collection and the 860s in the Dewey collection are all Spanish Language and Literature. There are over 1000 items between the two collections. You can use the PILOT online catalog to find books and other materials in Spanish, as well. To find PILOT, go to the Library Home Page ( click on "Online Catalog". Once connected to PILOT, click on the "Search Limits" button on the lower right side. This will take you to a page where you can select all kinds of options for your search. Scroll down in the "Language" box and select "Spanish". Then, click on the "Set Search Limits" button. This will return you to the main PILOT screen which will now have "Search Limits are In Effect" note. Now, all the keyword searches you do will only bring back items in Spanish. Since not all of the search options on the main PILOT screen are keyword searchs, I would recommend selecting the "Guided Search" option. This will take you to an alternate searching screen where all of the options are keyword. Just enter a term for the subject or topic you are looking for in the "Search For" box and then click the "Search" button. All of the results will be limited to Spanish materials. If you enter the text "PZI?" in the "Search For" box, you wil get a list of almost 4000 items. PZI is a code of IUP used by one of the computer systems we work with and most of the records in the database have a four-character code that begins PZI.... The question mark is the truncation mark that tells the system to retrieve all versions of the PZI code. So essentially, you'll retrieve just about everything the library has in the Spanish language or that has some Spanish included with it.

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