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Many of the databases available from the IUP Library Web site allow you to limit your search to "scholarly", "peer reviewed" or "refereed" articles. I would suggest that you take a look at the following databases: Criminal Justice Periodicals Index, and Criminal Justice Abstracts. You can find both of these by going to the IUP Library Home Page (, clicking on "Articles and More" and then on "All Databases - Alphabetical". This will give you an alphabetic list of all the databases available from IUP. Just select the one you want from the alphabetic list. Both of these databases have a check box where you can limit your search to the scholarly articles. Some of the problem you are having in searching may be in what keywords or search terms you are using. I did a quick search in Criminal Justice Periodicals Index for the phrase "policing style*" (Putting the words in quotes forces the system to look for that exact word pattern and the asterisk tells the system to match on both style and styles). I only came up with a few articles, even with the peer review checkbox left off. That probably means that the authors are not consistently using the term "policing styles" or there is no standard definition in the literature. You may need to expand your search to something like this: policing and style* The 'and' tells the system to look for both terms, but doesn't require that they be immediately together and in a particular order. You could also try other words or phrases that match your definition of "policing styles". In your question, you didn't tell me how you were using the phrase, so I can't really give you additional help with further termininology. You may be able to identify other keywords by looking carefully at the results you do get from the search strategies above. If you can find at least one article that seems to be on topic, look at the full record to see what kind of subject terms were assigned to that article. Then use those search terms. If you have any difficulty with finding terms, I would suggest talking in person to one of the librarians at the library to help you.

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