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Anyone can come in to the library and use the journals, both print or electronic, without having to have an I-card. In order to access the electronic journals from outside of the campus, you would need to have an I-Card or an IUP computer account. Physical journals (either paper copy or microform) don't circulate, so they will be here for anyone to use. However, if you need to make copies from physical journals or printouts from electronic journals, you will need a copying card. For students that is the I-Card. Community members have two choices. You can either get an IUP community I-Card or purchase a copying card here in the library. The I-Cards are available at the Hadley Union Building (HUB) for a small fee (I believe they are either $5 or $10.) The I-Cards will also act as a copying card. Additionally, they will allow you to check out circulating books. Copying cards are available in the Library. In the photocopy area on the ground floor there is a machine for dealing with copycards and money. If you put a $5 bill into that machine, it will dispense a copying card with $1 of copying already on it (the card costs $4). Then you can put the card back into the machine and add additional money to it. These cards are good for as long as we are using the current card system.

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