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We actually have several Interlibrary Loan services. If you are looking for a book that IUP doesn't have, the best place to start the process is with the PALCI EZ-Borrow system. PALCI stands for the Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. and they've constructed a system for requesting books. It doesn't do articles yet. To find PALCI, go to the Library Home Page (, click on the "Books and More" link and then on "PALCI (Interlibrary Loan)". This will open the PALCI login screen. You log in with the 16-digit number on your I-card. It probably starts with 60083901.... Once connected to PALCI, click on "Search and Requesting" and then you'll have the option to search by Author, Title, Subject or ISBN (International Standard Book Number). ISBN is the fastest search. Any search you do will take few seconds because the system is searching (in real time) about 25 catalogs of libraries around the state. The system will report back which libraries it searched and what it found. Find the item you need and click the blue "Request" button. If the item is able to be borrowed from one of the libraries on the list, you'll get a page that confirms your name, where you want to pick up the book (select the main library) and your e-mail address. Once everything is OK, click the "Submit" button. This will automatically send a request to one of the libraries owning the material. The staff there will pull the book from the shelves and ship it to IUP. When it arrives here, you'll get an e-mail notification that the book is available and then you can pick it up at the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of Stapleton. Loan periods are determined by the lending library, but most terms are for either 28 or 30 days and they can be renewed. On the original PALCI search page, you may notice a drop-down box that says Group 1, Group 2 or Group 3. The libraries in the state are divided into groups, so that you're only searching a subset of the libraries. This helps keep the response time for the system short. If your initial search does not retrieve the item you want or if it is not able to be circulated from one of the original libraries, be sure to try your search in the other groups. There may be a copy of the book available elsewhere. Also be aware that you can't request materials the IUP owns unless the item has been checked out by someone else. If our copy is checked out, you can borrow another copy via PALCI. The other Interlibrary Loan system is ILLIAD. It's used for books that you can't get through PALCI (ILLIAD lists libraries worldwide) or if you need articles or videos. To find ILLIAD, go to the Library Home Page, click on "Books and More" and then on "ILLIAD (Interlibrary Loan)" This will open the ILLIAD login page. In order to make requests, you must be a registered user of ILLIAD. If you don't already have a user ID and password, just follow the "First Time Users" link on the login page. This will take you to a page that explains the system and that has a "First Time Users Click Here" button at the bottom. Click that button to get the registration page. On the registration page, enter your contact information and specify your user ID and password. Once you submit the registration form, you'll be immediately registered and taken to the main ILLIAD page where you can begin to request materials. On the main ILLIAD page, you have several request options. "Request a Photocopy" is used for articles or individual book chapters. You can also "Request a Book" or "Request a Video". Select the appropriate request form and then fill in as much information as you can about the item you need. Then click "Submit". Once you submit a request, our staff will identify a library that owns the material and arrange to have it sent here to IUP. For articles, most of our partner libraries are scanning the article and sending us an electronic copy. We'll then forward that to your e-mail box. If we do receive a physical item, you'll receive e-mail notification that the item is available and then you can pick it up at the Circulation Desk. Average turnaround time for both PALCI or ILLIAD is about 3-6 working days, depending on where we can find the material. In any case, you'll receive e-mail notification when the material is available.

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