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Trying to find audio books in the PILOT catalog is extremely difficult. Cataloging rules don't give us a good way to identify just audio books in the catalog. PILOT works much better if you're looking for a particular title. Here's one technique to use: Connect to PILOT and type "CDM" in the "Search For" box and then select the "Expert Search" option. Then click "Search". This will give you a list of about 1,700 titles. Not all of them are audio books, though. We use a call number prefix of CDM for all of our compact disc records, both music and audio books, and this seach brings them all up. You can then browse through the list. Most of the audio books are stored with all other recordings in the Media department, so you can't just browse the collection. There are some audio books that are part of the Schaffer Collection. That's the small collection of popular reading books located on the 1st floor of Stapleton near Java City and just around the corner from office # 109. Audio books there are pretty easily identified by their distinctive storage boxes. This is the only collection that you can browse. We have recently added an online collection of audio books that you can download via our NetLibrary system. To find these, go to the Library Home Page (, click on "Books and More" and then on "NetLibrary". On the NetLibrary page, there is a link to our audio books collection and you can browse through that list. There is one issue, though, with NetLibrary. Your initial access of the system must be done from a computer with an IUP computer address. That is any computer that is physically on campus or an off-campus comupter running the VPN (Virtual Private Network) software (see for information about setting up VPN). The only way that NetLibrary can verify that you are a valid user is by your computer address or by a user name and password. When your intial login is from an on-campus computer, you'll have the NetLibrary option to "Create a Free Account". Click on that option and answer the questions it gives you to set up your account. It's a very quick and easy process. Once you've established your account, you can then access NetLibrary from ANY computer with an Internet connection. If you are unable to come to campus to set up the account, you can call the Reference Desk at the number below and the librarian on duty can set it up for you. I hope this helps and I'm sorry that I couldn't provide a better answer -- audio books are just tough to find.

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