Answered By: Chris Clouser
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I believe you are asking about our self service scanner. It allows you to scan book pages or articles and save the images on a flash drive. The scanner is found on the 1st floor of Stapleton Library just opposite the Circulation Desk. It is fairly easy to use and the instructions are attached to the machine. You must have a flash drive in order to use the service since the machine is not connected to the campus network. The machine works very much like a photcopier except that the material you are copying lies face up instead of face down. The copies are stored as images that you can then write to the flash drive rather than printing out. You can save a single page or multiple pages in one file. You are limited only by the amount of storage space you have on your flash drive and the size of the files you create. That will vary based on the nature of the originals you are scanning. Pages that are mostly text will not take up as much disk space as pages with graphics. The scanner does work like a photocopier, so you must have the original in hand to scan. Also, persons using the scanner equipment are responsible for observing copyright restrictions.

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