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If the book is marked as just "Lost" (not "Lost -- System Applied"), we are actively trying to find it.  It is not in its proper place on the shelves and we do searches to locate the materials. We also periodically produce lists of 'Lost' items and librarians decide if they need to be replaced.

The 'Lost' status does have another function.  If there is a book that is temporarily misplaced and someone needs it fairly soon, we will mark it 'Lost' so that it can be requested through the PALCI Interlibrary Loan system and get a copy from another library.  The PALCI system will not allow a user to request something that IUP already owns, unless that item is already checked out or marked 'Lost'.  Since the item you need is already marked, you can just go ahead and request it via PALCI.  It should arrive in about 3-6 working days.  If you need instructions on how make PALCI requests, just go back to the LibAnswers page and type 'PALCI' in the question box.  There have been previous answers that explain how to do it.

BTW...  books that say "Lost -- System Applied"  are those that have been checked out and are overdue by more than 30 days.  This status is automatically applied to an item by the system and it attaches additional fines and fees to the borrower's account as an incentive to return the book.

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