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"360 Link" (there actually should be a little degree symbol after the 360) is the trademark name of a service we use to link users to full text that might be available in places other than the database you are using. You will also find it in databases from services other than EBSCOHost.

Database providers can only give you a direct link to content for which they have a license. However, the database may have citations for content which is available in other competitor databases. For example, you might find a citation in an EBSCOHost database and EBSCO doesn't have the license for the full text. However, Proquest does have it. EBSCO won't link directly to Proquest, though, because they are business competitors.

The 360 Link service comes from a 3rd party company called Serials Solutions. They maintain a database that records what full text content is available from what vendors. IUP tells Serials Solutions what database services we purchase and they generate the connections.

In any datbase, you can click on the 360 Link icon and you'll be taken to a Serials Solutions page (although it looks a lot like an IUP page). The database you are using gives 306 Link a code for the citation and then Serials Solutions interprets that code. Very often they can generate a direct link to the specific item (usually an article) in the database that contains the content, but sometimes they can only generate a link to the Title level (takes you to the journal title on the host database) or to the database level and then you can follow the menus to get to the specific item.

If there is no full text available from any of IUP's databases, 360 Link will tell you that and will also give you links that search the title in the PILOT catalog. That way you can check to see if IUP has physical copies of the journal.

In most of our databases, you will also find a link that says "Check PILOT for holdings". This provides a direct search in the IUP catalog for that journal title. All of our journal holdings, both physical and electronic are listed in the catalog. "Check PILOT" and "360 Link" are very similar and you can use either one. "Check PILOT" focuses on finding where any content is located, while "360 Link" concentrates on finding electronic content first. They will both get you to the same place eventually.

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