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Yes, the IUP Library does have lots of DVDs.  However, they are not put out for browsing.  They are stored behind the Media and Equipment desk on the 1st floor of Stapleton Library and you'll need to ask the student assistants at the desk to retrieve the video you want from the collection.

All IUP videos are listed in the PILOT online catalog.  To find out which ones we have go to the Library Home Page ( and click on the "Online Catalog" link.  This will connect you to the PILOT system.

If you are looking for a specific title, just use the default "Title Search" and type in the title you need.  The system will either retrieve one record, give you a list of titles that match, or report that there is no match in the catalog.  If you receive one record, note the call number of the item.  The number will either begin with VCV (for videos in the VHS videotape format) or DVD (for DVD format).  That's the number that you give to the staff at the Media desk.  If you receive a list of titles, scan the list for the best match or items that have a call number of DVD or VHS.  Then click on the title to get the full record.

If you don't have a particular title in mind, you can search the database to look for videos by subject or keyword.  To do that, use the "Guided Search" option on the main catalog page.  This gives you a search form where you can enter keywords.  It will also give you a button that says "Search Limits".  Click that button to get a page where you can set all kinds of criteria to your search.  In the "Medium" area, scroll down the drop-down list and select the last term of "Videorecording".  Then click the "Set Search Limits" button.  You'll be returned to the Guided Search page which will now have a note that "Search Limits are in effect".  Now all of the searches you do will only return video recordings.   You can then search by keyword or subject to find the video you need.

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