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There is a recall function in our system, but we generally don't use it.  We find that it is most often faster and more efficient to request another copy through the PALCI or ILLIAD Interlibrary Loan systems.  Although PALCI is programmed to refuse requests if IUP already owns the book, it will accept the request if all copies of the book are checked out.

The recall function of our system has a built in minimum time that a book can be checked out before a recall can be placed.  Then it gives the borrower an amount of time to return the book before fines are assessed.  These two times vary depending on the type of material borrowed and the status of the borrower (undergrad, grad, faculty, etc.).  For example, an undergraduate borrowing a book is guaranteed to be able to use a book for 7 days from the date of checkout before the system would allow a recall.  When the recall is placed, the borrower then has 7 days to return it before it becomes overdue and then has another 3 days of grace period before fines are assessed.  Therefore, it can take upwards of two weeks before a recalled book is returned and, even then, there is no guarantee that the borrower will bring it back.

Since the average time for our interlibrary loan requests to be filled is 3-6 working days, that's often faster than allowing the recall process to happen.  It also allows the original borrower to have the full circulation period for use of the book.

If you need a book that is checked out and you can't get a copy through the regular Interlibrary Loan channels, just ask at the Circulation Desk.    The recall function can be initiated by one of our staff members.

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